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Saturday, 25 January 2020

Moving furniture around in your bedroom, or repainting the walls, or even moving a photo frame from one place to the next can be such an exciting task. I used to love going through my drawers as a child, rearranging it all so everything has it's place. That being said, I'm not a child anymore and have been wanting for the longest time to change up my bedroom, and I have been slowly but surely been finding new bits of furniture or expanding my ideas about what furniture I have been wanting to add and remove from my room. I still live at home with my Dad who doesn't want me painting any of the walls, or fixing anything to the walls. Fair enough, his house, his rules. With that in mind, I have slowly, finally made my bedroom more to what I want it to be. 

I started a couple of years back with getting the Ikea Malm table, where my makeup sits, and this acts as a dresser in the corner of my room. I removed an old 3 drawers set that had two corner shelves fixed within the unit. Next change was getting rid of my single bed with it's horrible wooden frame, and Dad brought me a white Ikea double bed, as a joint Christmas and birthday present. 

The latest edition to my bedroom are these amazing, free standing ladder shelves. I am obssessed! I have been looking for such a long time for the perfect set of shelves, that don't need to be fixed to the wall and that are tall enough to have a fair number of shelves within them. I am yet to style the shelves out completely how I want them to be, but I cannot wait to style them different with each season, and add some seasonal touches to them. It's such a lovely way to display certain pieces without having to have the commitment of fixing shelves to the walls, and also, means it can be moved around as you so wish. A dream.

Wicker baskets - TKMaxx - £15 for the three 
Blue pots - TKMaxx - £4 each 
Grey pot - TKMaxx - £4 each

Now to persuade my Dad to let me repaint my walls haha. What new addition do you want to add to a room of yours?
Amber X


  1. I love this step ladder! I've seen one in a black colour similar to this one, also at Ikea, and I would love to get it for my new apartment to put in the bathroom, but it's tiny and I also need a cabinet I can close, because it would all be on display so much the whole thing would gather way too much dust! Such a shame as I love how it looks...

    Love, Charline |

    1. I am really chuffed with it! You can get all sorts of ladder shelves - I have seen so many of them. Like you say, one for the bathroom could be really cute!

  2. ladder shelves are so nice, I love how you organised yours!


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