Autumnal Eyes

Saturday, 12 October 2019

We've been having some incredible sunsets and sunrises as of late. I took inspiration from them and played around with makeup. This is what I came up with. Definitely a 'sunset' type of eye look. I loved how it turned out. Want to know how I created it? Read on below..

I started by blending the colour 'Hello Sunshine'. a perfect bright yellow shade from the BeautyBay EYN Bright palette (of course), right under my eyebrow and down into the crease. I then took 'Heat Wave' from the same palette, and blended it just beneath the yellow colour. Next I took 'Tutu', a gorgeous pink shade, and did the same - blended it just below the orange shade, to make it look like a gradient. I then took 'Modern Way', a light purple, and blended it below the pink. I grabbed a black eyeliner pencil and shaded in my eyelid. 'Drama Queen' was placed on top, and blended into the lighter purple shade placed in my crease. I repeated the gradient on my lower lash line, added my favourite lashes - the Red Cherry in the style Harley, and added some mascara. Ta da!

What's your go to autumnal eyeshadow look?
Amber x

(Disclaimer: I am by all means, not a makeup artist, I just enjoy to play with makeup and put it on my face hah!)

Lipsticks I Cannot Wait To Start Wearing

Saturday, 5 October 2019

It's that time of the year again, where our surroundings change hue and colour. The best time of the year in my opinion. I love to draw inspiration for the changing of the season, and reflect this in my lipstick choices. Here are my fav lip colours for the Autumnal months.

Mac Viva Glam 3
This gorgeous plum toned lipstick looks incredible on the lips when wearing camel. I love to pair it with my lovely camel zara coat. A dream match made in heaven. Definitely one that's on the bolder side of lipsticks, but if that's your thing, you'll adore this shade. It being a matte too, makes it so easy to wear.

Mac Retro
A shade that I chose to wear with my sixth form prom dress, but one that I still love to this day. It's a brown toned red, in my opinion. Very warm in colour. Again, a matte, that lasts all day and night!

Top to Bottom - Taupe, Viva Glam 3, Heartbreaker, Perfect Red, Retro. Diva. 

Mac Diva

One I'll always love. A very deep, berry red. Beautiful with a smokey eyeshadow look. For some reason one that I used to always choose to wear on New Years Eve?? No idea why.. Smudges VERY easily, so definitely bring some makeup wipes with you to tidy it up. Or it could just be me haha.

Mac Taupe
The newest of Mac lipsticks in my collection. I wrote >this< post on it in more depth, if you're interested. One that I haven't warn enough, and one that I definitely want to be wearing - perfect for this time of year, so I'll make it my mission. One that you're more than likely to see in a favourites post.

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Heartbreaker
Another one that has already had a feature >here< on the blog. The perfect true red shade, that looks incredible with whatever you pair it with. It looks nice with a darker red lip liner, and a lighter red lip liner. The formula of these liquid lipsticks is insane. They last FOREVER!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red
This is one that I have loved for years. Whenever I wear it I always receive copious amounts of compliments on the colour. It's just the ultimate red shade. It's so comfortable on the lips. It doesn't feel drying or go drying which is amazing considering it's a matte shade. And it's the cheapest lipstick of all those mentioned on my list! You must try this range - you will never be disappointed.

What is your go to autumnal lipstick?
Amber X
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