Saturday, 1 December 2018

A Box of Lush

Nothing says a cosy night in like a bath filled to the brim with bubbles, or filled with swirls of differing colours as a result of a Lush bath bomb. Am I right? Most definitely yes.. A couple of Lush picks are such a treat. Here are some that I was ever so kindly gifted for my birthday.

I wrote a blog post on >this< bath bomb a couple of weeks back, and it's SO relaxing. It smells of lavender and creates such pretty pink and blue swirls throughout the bath as it's dissolving. If you're having trouble sleeping, or need a little extra relaxation in the evenings after work, try this one! It's perfect for just that.

Think Pink
Have you ever seen such a gorgeous shade of pink?! The Lush website describes this one as being "Softening cornflour and luxurious vanilla combine in clouds of fragrant foam - a sensual and softening embrace. Allow sunny caramel top notes to carry you away on an air of sophistication". A vanilla scent is one of my favourites, and anything that softens the skin is a bonus. I can't wait to see all the kinds of pink that this turns the bath water!

Golden Slumbers
I'd welcome anything that will help me get a better nights sleep, so this one is right up my street. Filled with lavender and camomile oil, this will no doubt make you feel sleepy and have you drift off in no time - maybe even in the bath itself. Bath oils are another great way to soften the skin, and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything. Not to mention that it would have a lovely smell too. Super excited to try this one when I feel I need a decent nights sleep.

Perle De Sel
A Christmas bath bomb! I love anything Christmas but have never tried any of the Lush Christmas range. This limited edition bath bomb contains salts that will help soften the skin, and rose tones that will be most relaxing. Not only does it look pretty, but I am sure that it will leave the bath water looking pretty too.

Isn't this just the best bath bomb you've ever seen?! Oh so Christmassy. The Santa came as two bath bombs - I'm not sure if that's how he is in the shop, but he is huge! As it's a festive one, it is also limited edition, so if you want to pick him up, do it soon! He is scented with strawberries and cream, with hints of vanilla, and would most definitely last more than one bath if you chose to split him into two. The ultimate Christmas treat.

I can't wait to get stuck into this box of Lush. What're your favourite Lush picks? Have you tried any of these?
Amber X 

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Warner Brother Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter

Monday (the 19th of November) was spent in Watford at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter. I have always been a fan of Harry Potter - like most I've watched the films more than several times, and had a good go at reading the books but never nearing too far into the story as a result of achy hands due to trying to hold the hearty book for too long. I love to watch Harry Potter at this time of the year especially, as it all seems Christmass-y and autumnal. So going to visit the studios where a handful of the scenes were filmed, and experiencing the magic behind the spells, quidditch, costumes and the sets was most exciting. It was the best day out, and I would highly recommend going if you're a Harry Potter fan, or not.
Each room was magical, but completely transformed by the snow/Christmas elements that was put in place on the 16th of November for the run up to the festive season. Privet Drive, platform 9 and 3/4, the forbidden forest, the great hall, the Ministry of Magic, and the flying car are just a few of the amazing props and sets that you can experience there. You can even try butterbeer! (It wasn't for me). The gift shop is filled to the brim with all kinds of Harry Potter merchandise. So if the Primark Harry Potter collection isn't quite making it for you, you're bound to find something in the shop at the studios. From chocolate frogs, to tea towels.. they have it all. It's such an experience, and without spoiling too much for those of you that are yet to go - here are some of the photos that I got from the day.

One thing I would suggest if you're dying to go is to book in advance. It is definitely hard to work out the dates that you want if you don't plan ahead. It's was such a good day and I'm sure it'll make you love Harry Potter even more.

What's your favourite Harry Potter book or film?
Amber X  

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Another Mac Addition

This lipstick now marks the 12th in my ever growing collection. Taupe was kindly gifted to me for my birthday, thank-you Rachel! You can never have too many Mac lipsticks, and they genuinely make sure a lovely gift for anyone. Taupe is described by Mac as being a "muted reddish-taupe brown", a perfect autumnal shade. Mac's matte range is definitely my favourite that they do. They're creamy, and not drying on the lips at all. They sit super comfortably for long periods of time, and don't smudge when eating. What more could you want from a matte lipstick?! 
I cannot wait to wear this lipstick with every jumper I own, and throughout the colder months. 

What's your favourite Mac lipstick?
Amber X