Embracing Autumn

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Eeee, my favourite season is just around the corner!! Something about this time of the year that makes me so god damn excited. The best months of the year are yet to come. Here is a list of all the things autumn I plan on doing..

One of the things that as of last year is up there for me, is visiting Westonburt Arboretum, but a few weekends ago, I went back. It was a completely different experience to last time I went. This time round we went just as the children had gone back to school. It was a Saturday but it was no way near as busy as it was previously. Some of the trees were starting to go their gorgeous brown and red colours, and last time, they were all completely brown and red. Just as pretty this time round though. There is something about walking amongst the giant trees that makes me feel so peaceful. It's such a happy place for me, and is definitely going to be somewhere I plan on going every year, when Autumn comes around.

Burning all the autumnal candles. I treated myself to a really delicious one. It's called 'Apple Cider' and smells fruity, but not. The red packaging makes my room glow red - adding to the autumnal feel. Nothing more cosy than autumnal smelling candles. I cannot wait to transition into burning the Christmas ones too (sorry if I'm getting too far ahead - I'm just so excited if you can't already tell haha).

Have all the baths, filled to the brim with Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. A nice bubble bath, to end a busy day of working - nothing beats it.

Baileys hot chocolate's have been life since it's been all drizzly and cold in the evenings. Something I am definitely going to carry on with haha. If you've never tried one, I HIGHLY recommend that you do..

What're you most looking forward too this autumn?
Amber X


  1. Love FALL :) Hopefully I will find time to stop by Central Park this year :) my daughter and I want to have a picnic :)


    1. Oh how I'm so jealous!! Central park would be so beautiful in the autumn time. Have an amazing time if you get round to it!

  2. One of my favourite seasons by far!

  3. I love Autumn, and definitely need to find some good candles. It's never too early for Christmas candles, those ones are always amazing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Have a little look in TKMaxx or Homesense. They always have the most amazing selection of seasonal candles xx


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