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Saturday, 9 March 2019

She’s back.. From an unexpected break from my little space here on the internet, which I do apologise for (although let’s be real, none of you probably noticed). Life just got in the way as it can do, and time slipped away before my eyes. Everything’s all good. Just one of those ‘I wish I had used my time more wisely’. Oh well.

Towards the end of February, Sam and I took a trip to Dublin for a couple of nights. The reasoning behind the trip (if we ever needed one) was to see the band, Jungle. It worked out cheaper to fly to and stay in Dublin than to travel into London to see them there. Which is just craziness!?! But hey, an excuse to take some time exploring another city. Being my second trip to Dublin, I had a few ideas of what to expect and what there is to do, although we still managed to squeeze lots in.

The first day was spent walking through Phoenix Park. We’d both seen so many photos on Instagram of the wild Deer that seem to inhabit certain areas of the park. They seemed so friendly from the photos - people were able to get super close, were able to take selfies with them and were even feeding them carrots! It felt like we were wondering round forever, but we did eventually find the deer, literally as we were about to give up! That evening was the Jungle concert. If you’ve never heard any of their songs, go search them on Spotify! The atmosphere was one to remember and the venue was like nothing I have experienced before. Jungle played in the Olympia Theatre which is quite old fashioned and seems like it was made more for theatrical performances than musical ones.

Dublin Castle, The Book of Kell’s and the Guinness Storehouse were what we did on the second day of our trip. The castle wasn’t one of my highlights of the trip, although I do love venturing around places filled with information and history. The Book of Kell’s is located in Trinity College and was just breathtaking. “The Long Room” as it’s known, is stocked up with books that are organised in the most organised way. It reminded me of a real life version of the Hogwarts library or Belle’s Library in Beauty and The Beast. That evening we spent climbing each of the well thought out floors of the Guinness Storehouse. I've never been a fan of Guinness if I'm being honest - the only time I'd ever think about choosing one over another drink is St. Patrick's Day. However, whoever discovered that Guinness doesn't travel well couldn't be more right. It is so much smoother over in Ireland. We had 2 pints at the Storehouse and went for more after our tour was over. We even had a pint with our faces printed on the top! I'd 1000% recommend going to the Guinness Storehouse if you ever find yourself in Dublin. 

Other than the planned events, we wondered and visited museums, bars, and some amazing restaurants. It went far too quick. If I ever return to Ireland, I'd LOVE to go to the coast, and explore the little fishing villages for one. They look beautiful!

Have you ever visited Ireland?
Amber X

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