How is Turning Over a New Leaf Exciting?

Saturday, 16 March 2019

More than most people are terrified at the thought of change. Small changes such as swapping out certain foods from their diet, style changes, or which way you travel to work for example. Bigger changes such as starting a new job, moving to a new location or completely changing a lifestyle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these scary thoughts - and by no stretch of the imagination, who am I to tell you, or another individual, otherwise?!

But I can be more than sure that if this is the case, you won't be the only person whose experiencing these thoughts, whether they be more severe or only small, passing consideration. You're not alone. Any of us would be lying by saying that they don't have any fear when it comes to experiencing something new. Fear of the unknown maybe. Fear of not knowing anyone doing the same maybe. Or maybe fear of whether you'll fit in, fear of not picking up what's expected of you. The list could go on.

However, all these thoughts could be turned on their head and be portrayed in a positive way. Fear of the unknown could turn into one of the best decisions you've ever made. Fear of experiencing something new could slowly turn into something you love and couldn't imagine giving up. Fear of not knowing anyone could turn into meeting new individuals that become friends for life. The fear of change could become something you wish you had done sooner. With change becomes so much potential to excel and bring happiness. In my eyes this makes change such an exciting thing. Of course, not every plan you make turns out the way that you wish it had, but you don't know until you try and the thought of venturing out of your comfort zone can be terrifying. But don't let that fear overwhelm you, there could be so much excitement in the same experiences that you fear.

I am so excited to be turning over a new leaf, getting stuck into new challenges and experiencing something completely different. You should too.

Does change worry you? Why?
Amber X


  1. Uncontrollable change does scare me but if I see it coming and can plan, I'm okay.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  2. I am always excited for new pages of my life.
    And cheers to that!

    Much Love,


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