New Home Additions

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Clear outs and re-arranging have been in full force this lockdown. With tidying and clearing out, comes room for new things. I wanted to add some new touches to certain corners and I found some lovely pieces that I cannot wait to make the most out of. 

Starting with these gorgeous tea light holders. I can remember having seen some floating around on Instagram before Christmas and not thinking too much about them. We visited a garden centre in the run up to Christmas and I saw some there and have never regretted not picking them up so much. Since then, I have searched high and low on the internet to try and track some down. When I finally found some that I liked, they were sold out. A couple of months on, and I have finally got some. The >small< houses were £2.50!!! What a bargain. The >larger< being only £4, I just couldn't say no. Thank you Wilko for fulfilling my need for ceramic house tea light holders. 

Another addition have been these cute little bunny tails. I seem to have a love for dried flowers and pampas grass after having seen pretty vases filled with the most beautiful arrangements. But until I have my own house and space for such vases, I opted for something slightly smaller. The wine bottle vase is only temporary, until I find a vase that I like, or, I was thinking of potentially purchasing some spray paint that has a pebble or stone effect and covering the bottle. I am yet to decide. Don't you worry - the glue on the bottle annoys me as much as it does you. I found >these< beauties on Etsy. They came super quickly and were packaged beautifully. I was a little worried that they may have turned up bent or broken, but I was very happy that they arrived just as I had imagined. 

The frame with the dried flowers in, I created myself last year. I thought it made a lovely addition next to the two new pieces. I'm sure I'll forever be switching up how this looks, but I am happy with it for now.

Have you brought any new decorative pieces for your home? Are you a pampas grass lover too?

Amber X

Winter Styling Edit

Sunday, 14 February 2021

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm not great when it comes to buying clothes. I'm never one to quickly add an item to my basket or to walk into a shop, find something and go straight to pay. I always end up deliberating over whether I will actually get wear out of the item, and if it will go with the very few clothing pieces that I have in my wardrobe. Yes, I am a nightmare when it comes to buying new clothes haha. Dressing for Winter is definitely my favourite if I had to choose between all seasons. Give me some pointy boots, an oversized jumper and a pair of jeans, and I'm ready for the day. There have been a few items of clothing that I have been loving and I cannot wait to wear them out and about when the time comes.

>This< jumper has been one of my favourite buys. I have been trying to add a couple more knitted jumpers to my wardrobe as they are a piece that goes with everything.. Jeans, work trousers. skirts, and leggings. The quality itself is lovely and it goes so nicely with a thick scarf, on a cold day. The cable knit design always makes a jumper look super cosy and this one is no exception. It's also currently discounted!

I have wanted a pair of leather look leggings for a while, but couldn't seem to find any with a quality that would last. I used to have a pair of leather look jeans from Topshop, but can remember putting them in the wash and the waxed, leather look, just disappeared. I ordered from BecauseOfAlice when Alice first launched collection number 1 and fell in love with the light wash mom jeans. She released >these< leather look leggings and my dreams were finally answered. They're not flimsy in their fabric and don't cling to the legs. They fit just right and the high rise design is beautiful. 

Lastly, the most incredible pair of biker boots you have ever seen. Boots are a love of mine, and >this< pair are just beautiful. Another item that I think will be so versatile - they could be worn with my pair of leather leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses.. I cannot wait to be able to wear these out properly!

What fashion pieces have you been loving lately?

Amber X

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