Heatless Waves

Sunday, 9 August 2020

One of my go to hair styles has been heatless curls/waves. After not having a hair cut for that long because of lockdown, it takes far too much effort for my hair to look presentable. This trick however, isn't one that will be new to you, but is one that saves me so much time in the mornings before work and before a day out, and makes it look like you have spent time styling it. It's a win-win. 

After washing my hair, I always apply some argan oil, >this< one has been a long time favourite of mine. It works it's magic on wet hair, as well as dry hair, and always leaves my hair looking so shiny and healthy looking. I'm a massive fan of products that have multi use. I then go in and use a heat protection spray. >This< spray is one that I have enjoyed using. Not only does it smell incredible, but it does make my hair feel sleek and soft. I rarely use a hair dyer. I personally think my hair feels better and driers better when I let it air dry naturally. Because of this, I always wash my hair at night, before bed.

Once my hair, is somewhat dry, but still feels a bit damp underneath, I French plait my hair in one big plait, starting from the very top of my hair, all the way to the bottom. Use a hair band to keep it in place. 

When it is time to style my hair the next morning, I take the plait out and am left with waves. (Above is what my hair looks like once I have woken up and am just about to take it out of the plait). I usually use my straighteners to smooth out the top of my hair, and to curl the pieces that are framing my face, away from my face, and that's it. Hair done in a minimum of 5 minutes! Give it a quick hairspray and you're good to go. So quick and easy.

Once done, it looks like you have spent a good 30 minutes going through it with a wand that makes waves. I have seen so many influencers use them recently! But we all now know, that you don't need to splash out on one of those wands to get the same effect :-)

What's your favourite way to style your hair?
Amber X


  1. I love these heatless waves, I do this quite often because it's just quick and easy! Have you tried the heatless waves with the dressing gown tie trick before? It's also one you can leave in overnight and have really nice curls too. Your hair is so pretty!


    1. I haven't tried to dressing gown tie trick waves, no! I have seen it all over Instagram though - so should definitely give it a go. It takes next to no time doesn't it?! Awh, thank you so much lovely :-)

  2. You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these beautiful Women Street Styles


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