3 Ways To Love Time Alone

Saturday, 4 May 2019

I'm sure a lot of people will be able to agree with me when I say, that they don't leave enough time for themselves. Whether it be chasing round after other people, working late - anything. I'm always guilty of constantly doing something for no other reason than it needs to be done. Taking an evening or couple of hours to be by yourself, can be uplifting for your mood, work ethic and even head space. If you need a destress, or simply want a clearer head, here are some ways which I like to switch off and have some 'me' time. 
Prioritise What It Is That You Want To Do
Whether you want to sit in your pj's whilst watching your favourite film on the sofa, or head off to the gym, put yourself first. Don't feel guilty for doing something that you want to do for yourself. Everyone needs time to breathe and to just enjoy their own company. What is it that you like to do for yourself? What do you enjoy doing by yourself? Is there something you've been wanting to do for a while but haven't had the chance to do it? This time is for no one but you, relish that. 

Time Plan
Designate time that is simply your own. Write yourself a list of all the things you have to do and the time you have spare in your day to do it. That way you have a schedule, cementing the idea that it's your 'you' time. Knowing that you have a time deadline will make you more determined to get everything sorted, making you use your time more wisely and ultimately completing each task, leaving you with a fresh head to do nothing but focus on yourself. 

Don't Over Think It
There is nothing wrong with wanting to take time out for yourself. You're not going to be a bad person if you say no to going out because you simply want to sit in and watch Game of Thrones. You're not going to be letting anyone down or missing out. Because sometimes focussing on yourself for an evening, or however long, may have a positive, long lasting effect. Which is why is it so important - who is looking after you, if you're busy looking after everyone else?

What do you like to do during your 'me' time?
Amber X


  1. Me time is literally my all time favourite, I always try and do as much on the weekends as possible, but then I also like to make sure one weekend I have to myself just to do what I want whether it's chores, or just go to the gym, I've realised you can't always be busy and you're so right, you need to not stress about doing nothing !xx


    1. It's such a nice feeling knowing that you're comfortable in your own skin, and capable of just enjoying your own company. It can be so important for de-stressing! I'm glad that you agree xx


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