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Saturday, 27 April 2019

That always unanticipated but inevitable blogging rut that I feel every blogger must have encountered at least once whilst writing content for their online spaces. I have seen and read rather a few of individuals accounts on 'what to do when you're stuck in a blogging funk' or 'how to over come your blogging rut' - all of which contain so many truths and so many inspiring tips and tricks to kick start your creativity again. But part of me truly thinks that until you're in that position, where your creativity levels are at a low or you simply cannot feel an ounce of inspiration, it's a real struggle to take those tips on board or conjure up a handful of blogging ideas.

Tips are guidelines are they are never going to be useful if followed exactly as they're written. Everyone finds inspiration differently and it may take numerous opportunities to feel like you're able to be creative again.

So here I am, on a rainy Wednesday, writing my first post in nearly a month.. oops. Working full time and trying to find the time to sit and write has been a struggle of mine recently. I know so many people do this, and I cannot commemorate their efforts more. It's tough, and I bow down to them. When your mind is automatically switched on, going over many things, it can be hard to block that out and think with a clear mind which sort of content you want to make, content that you would like to read and content that will bring readers back time and time again.

I'm not sure if any of you would have noticed, but I have had a little change in the look of things over here on my blog. Visual changes can also make such a difference to making you feel inspired, so maybe that could be something to think about if you do ever find yourself in a rut.

If I did have to comment on being stuck within any sort of creative hole, I would say this: don't force something that isn't there. Most definitely don't rush into making content for the sake of it - allow time to produce something that you're truly proud of. Take your time, don't feel like there is any kind of rush, and when you're ready, put your time into writing something that makes you happy.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with creativity?
Amber X

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