Wishes and Goals for 2019

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Everyone and their dog makes new year's resolutions that they swear they are going to stick by, and carry out throughout the New Year. Although, a handful of people do break their resolutions in January. Whether it be because these resolutions aren't attainable, or they simply don't fit in with their busy lifestyle - who knows. But they are only 2 potential reasons why people can't stick with the statements that they claim they will. When it comes to resolutions, I personally never really make them. That way, I can't ever feel like I have let myself down, when it comes to not sticking by them, because lets be real.. was I ever going to stick to them in the first place? Probably not.
However, I do like to set goals that I believe I will be able to take on board, little and often in the hope that they become a habit. Meaning that they will be adopted, and eventually a normality that I stick by.

So here are my "resolutions, but not quite resolutions. More so, things that I wish to incorporate into each and every day" as we start the New Year.

Spend less time on my phone - I think this can be said for many people. I do find it hard to not sit and scroll endlessly through Instagram or Pinterest when I know that I have many other, things to be doing. Instead of scrolling, I want to try and do something more productive, or just something that will be better for my mindset, and for my brain. Whether that be reading, planning out my week, or making a list of food bits that I need to pick up, so I can make yummy meals after work. Anything! Just something better than constantly stuck behind a screen.
Another point that becomes intertwined with mobile phones, is that more often than not, people are too busy trying to capture a moment to share online, rather than being in the moment and enjoying it for themselves. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with taking a photo of an event, or something, anything, to share with your following that lets them know what you're up too, or what you're seeing. But for me, I just want to enjoy more of those moments that you wish to show others, but in a personal way. Of course, I want to take photos of those moments to remember, and to look back on in the future. Just not to share with the online world.

Drink more water - I'm always wishing that I drank more water, than I do. I find when I am at home, I literally drink nothing but endless cups of tea. That's great, I am drinking liquids, but it can make you rather dehydrated. I want to try my very best to drink much more water, or squash even(!) than I do now. Water is so good for keeping your brain stimulated, and what I have come to realise, your skin too. I've tried those water bottles that have the measurements written on the side - but no, they do not work for me. I need to try and find a way of making sure that I do pick up a glass of water, over a cup of tea - but that will be rather difficult. I love a cup of tea. Wish me luck.

Give myself a break - This day and age it can be so easy to compare yourself to others - what they're doing, where they are, and how they got there and whatever else comes with those feelings of that you're lacking something. Whilst immersing yourself in those awful feelings, it can be so easy to forget your own journey, and the time spent putting effort and work into yourself and what you're doing. Those feelings are more than unnecessary, and it  puts you down. I'm sure I'm not alone when you can think yourself into these silly little moods, and feel worthless or that your journey in life isn't worthy, or quite as brilliant as another. But it truly is. If not, it's far more worthy, because its yours. I need to keep telling myself that.

What wishes and goals do you have for the year ahead?
Amber X


  1. I loved hearing about your goals! I definitely need to start drinking more water too, let's make it our mission! xx

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk/


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