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Monday, 6 November 2017

So today, the 6th of November, is my 21st birthday. I know that being 21 is something that a lot of people look forward too - it's the last 'milestone' that you celebrate before your 30th, 40th etc. You're now officially legal to do all of the things that you (probably) have been doing for years prior to turning 21. You can adopt a child in the UK. You can supervise a learner driver providing you have had your full license for 3 or more years. You can now attend 21+ venues. So much more freedom. I thought I'd write an extra post to mark the occasion of my 21st, with 21 things that I have come to realise in my 21 years (hopefully, minus the cringe). 

1. Planning and organisation are so important when you have more than a few things to juggle or complete. Something as simple as having a diary, or writing a list, can be extremely helpful in managing your time.
2. Don't change for anyone - always be yourself (you'll feel miles better for it).
3. Never put milk in a cup of tea before the hot water.
4. Dressing gowns solve everything. Feel cold? Dressing gown. Feel sad? Dressing gown. Feel like you just want to be cosy? Dressing gown.
5. Grandparents are precious.
6. Remember that resting is just as important as being productive. A balance between the two will benefit you as an individual, dramatically.
7. Drama tends to follow you wherever you go (well, maybe it's just me), but it's how you handle it that makes all the difference. Be the better person.
8. As Rob Schneider said in 'The Waterboy'... YOU CAN DO IT!
9. Don't feel guilty for wanting to spend time on your own.
10. Cleaning is more therapeutic than you think...
11. You'll never be too old for Disney films.
12. People will come and go - but it's the ones that make an effort to stay that are important.
13. Don't feel bad for opting for a night in.
14. Dry lips aren't pretty - Vaseline is a life saver.
15. Dogs. Need I say more?
16. There is never such a thing as having too many lipsticks...
17. Over thinking doesn't end well, so don't dwell on issues. Everything will turn out fine in the end.
19. Music has the ability to change your mood in an instant. Stop mopping and put on a cheesy throwback playlist.
20. Don't wish time away.
21. Pictures are great memories - take as many as humanly possible.

What lesson have you come to realise recently?
Amber X


  1. Aw this is such a lovely post! Happy 21st birthday, Amber! Hope you have a lovely birthday. I've realised how important time is lately and how supportive people are around me. They want what is best for me xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank-you so much Lauren! Having the best day. Time is so precious - I think people are quick to forget that xx

  2. Definitely don't wish time away, I feel like thats all I did during my childhood years. Great post!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. Literally - I wanted to be 18 when I was 12, and 12 when I was 18! Thank-you!

  3. Happy birthday! I definitely wish I learned some of these earlier, especially about being myself :) Hope you have a special day x


    1. Thank-you Katie! That’s very sweet of you Xx

  4. This is such a nice idea. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great one!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  5. Happy birthday! Great post. I hope you have a great day.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  6. Happy Birthday girl!!

  7. Happy late birthday, I hope you had a fab day! I love this post, and I really need to invest in a diary xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank-you Hannah! I’m glad you were able to enjoy it xx

  8. Happy belated birthday sweet! Love this post, including the point on dressing gowns, they certainly do fix everything!!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thank-you so much sweet! It’s true though, nothing a dressing gown can’t fix xxx

  9. omg YES dressing gowns are the one! it took me faaaaar too long to realise their insane power, i basically live in one now haha.

    also - night in over night out all the time for me haha! i've definitely reached that stage in my life!

    i hope you have a lovely birthday!! ♥♥

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. They’re so great aren’t they?! Couldn’t be without mine. Glad I am not alone with the night in choice hahah! Thank-you so much Kate xx

  10. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day! Couldnt agree more about dressing gowns literally in my cosy gown with a hood as I type lol - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank-you sweet :-) hahah! They’re just the best! x

  11. Happy belated birthday! x


  12. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  


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