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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

 Keeping with the university theme seeing as it's now September (what?!) a lot of people will slowly be getting back into their routines of school, work, university or whatever it may be. I thought I'd share my list of items that I'll be taking back to university with me, hoping that it may help some of you! I'm aware that you'll already have purchased and gathered together the majority of things by now, but just in case something slipped your mind...

The obvious here are things like dinner plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cutlery, pots with their lids, a frying pan, chopping knives, spatula, wooden spoon, cheese grater, potato masher, chopping board, bin bags, Tupperware boxes or freezer bags, surface spray like Dettol, kitchen roll, washing up liquid, tea towels and a sponge/cloth. 
My tip's I'd give with kitchen stuff, is to bring more than one set of cutlery. Not only does it have a tendency to go missing, but if you only bring one lot, you'll be washing up a lot... who has time for that! Also, if possible, take down 'cupboard' food bits like pasta and tinned foods when you move down. This will save your arms when doing a food shop, and you won't necessarily have to go food shopping as soon as you move in. 

Whether you've got an en suite or you're sharing a bathroom, these are the bits that I would recommend bringing. Bath towels, hand towels, flannel/face cloth, soap of some sort, toothbrush & toothpaste of course, something to put these in like a cup, bath mat, hair products - shampoo conditioner, shower gel/scrub, a pedal bin, toilet cleaner, toilet rolls, cotton pads, q tips, and face washes.

My favourite part about university is making my room my own. By all means, bring whatever you want to make your room exactly how you like it! This is what I am going to bring with me for third year to make my room cosy.
Duvet cover, fitted bed sheet, pillow cases, pillows, duvet, cushions for the bed, a throw, fairy lights, command hooks to hang the lights up, extension cables, acrylic storage for makeup, brush holders, mattress topper, light up vanity mirror, a desk mirror, skin care products, hair brushes, hair bands and grips, jewellery, a dish for my jewellery, a bin, printer, ink, paper, notepads, pens, pen pot, pencil case, diary/journal, perfumes, photographs of loved ones, clothes and other bits for the wardrobe, shoes, a suitcase for travelling home when the semester comes to an end, a hot water bottle, my laptop, ipad, and all the chargers I need.

What could you not be without when at university?
Amber X


  1. Great tips! Always handy to have a list.

  2. Such great tips, thanks for sharing!

    Anika xo |

  3. I don't know if you ever watched Gilmore Girls but this post reminded me when Rory went to University. Great tips! I always loved back to school season.

    1. No, I've never watched it! Would you recommend it? Thank-you Jennifer!!

  4. I am moving to London next week to do my Masters so this is super helpful, I always know I am going to forget something so I need all the lists I can get, thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I'm glad that you found my list of use! Best of luck with your masters :-) x


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