Autumn Appreciation

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

 There are many reasons why I want to experience and cherish all of life's little things when this time of the year rolls round. Not only are the changes in colours and tones of our scenery beautiful, it also can't help but make you feel cosy. With all of this excitement upon us, here are some reasons to appreciate the Autumnal months. 

Autumn is the season of the bold berry lip and gold, copper and cranberry eyeshadow shades. Palettes that contain nothing but these shades are right up my street, and I'm excited for all of the A/W releases. My dark lipsticks cannot wait to come out of hibernation and stop collecting dust. I am looking forward to not having to think my day through and ponder over which foundation will work best in the humid climates. Gone are the hot, sticky days!

Dressing in the colder months of the year is so much easier for me. It requires no deliberating over whether a jacket is needed when leaving the house, and jeans can be worn on a daily basis.  Oversized or not, jumpers will always be an autumn staple. Soft, cuddly, woollen, scratchy, cropped, or thin, jumpers are made for the colder seasons. Scarfs are also another way of keeping warm and snug when in times of need. Being able to be comfortable and cosy without sweltering and feeling as if you're going to pass out, is a small victory in my eyes. 

Hearty, warm and wholesome meals are another reason why I really love autumn. Soups, stews, and cottage pie are some of my favourites. Nothing beats eating foods that make you feel warm within when it is sharp and cold outside. Also, cold weather means there are endless excuses for hot chocolates with all of the cream and marshmallows imaginable. 

Early Nights and Fairy Lights 
Early nights are great at the best of times, but now as darkness creeps up on the day earlier and earlier each time, I see it as even more reason to get into bed earlier. I am at my happiest when fluffy blankets and warm fairy lights are involved. 

Bonfire night and Halloween are always days that I look forward too. Carving out pumpkins, buying all of the best sweets to give to 'trick or treater's', getting dressed up and having our faces painted is always something I will always remember from my childhood. There is such a contagious excitement that surrounds Halloween. Watching fireworks on bonfire night, especially when it is cold, and seeing the different coloured lights reflecting on people's happy faces is something I love. 

What do you love about Autumn?
Amber X


  1. Autumn makeup just gets me too excited! x

  2. "I am at my happiest when fluffy blankets and warm fairy lights are involved. "

    GURL. YOU ARE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR HERE. this is why i blooooooody love christmas so much, alllll the hot chocolate, fairy lights, and snuggling! the dream ♥♥

    katie. xx

  3. I couldn't agree more with what you have said, autumn fashion is definitely my favourite though, bring it on!
    Grace xx

  4. Great post! I cannot wait for autumn!!! :D I am so excited :P

    Check out my blog Starshine Beauty

  5. Such a lovely post! I love autumn. Gemma x


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