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Monday, 24 July 2017

Eyeliner is something I must have started getting into wearing in Year 11. We weren't really meant to wear makeup to school, in fact, I'm sure many of us were told to remove it at some point... But even to this day I find eyeliner difficult to apply (my eyes have an annoying tendency to water at the smallest of things). Winged liner is definitely something I have gotten to grips with as time has gone on. Practise and patience is definitely needed!
I thought to share my own thoughts and tips I find useful when applying winged liner, in the hope that it may help one of you!

Find the product/s that work best for you
 I know this may seem obvious, but eyeliner application can vary depending on the products you're using. Gels, pencil, or liquids that come in a pot or a felt tip pen - find the product that you feel the most comfortable applying. When looking for an eyeliner, I always look at the tip/applicator - I like my wing to taper out, which is easier to achieve with a thin applicator. It's all about personal preference. 

Cleaning up
Personally, if I want to do a winged liner I will start with my eye makeup first. This way if I draw the wing too thick, or I want to clean it up a little, I can use a makeup wipe to sort it out without ruining my foundation, concealer etc. Using concealer on a small brush can also be a massive help when trying to neaten eyeliner! Cleaning up the wing gives you more control over how the liner ends up looking.

Symmetry trick
My liner is rarely the same on both eyes... I can find it tricky to align them at the same angle or direction. I use an eyeshadow brush (bare with me) to try and make them look as similar as possible. I place the handle of an eyeshadow brush on the outer corner of my eye, in the direction of my brow, until the other end touches my nose. Not only does this trick give an indication of where to draw the liner, but makes sure that the angle of each wing should be similar. 

Take your time
Now I know you must be thinking 'surely this goes without saying', but eyeliner in a rush is never going to end well. Take your time and just play around with it. You never know what you might create!

My eyeliners of choice are the Maybelline Master Ink, Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and the Master Precise Liner. 
What eyeliner tips would you give?
Amber X


  1. wow that wing looks insane !! xx

  2. That wing is so sharp! I need to get a new eyeliner asap, I can never get a nice line as soon as they start running out :(

    1. Thank-you Emily! I know what you mean - it's almost as if the tip of the eyeliner gets dry! It's never the same when it's like that :-(


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