What I Got For My 23rd Birthday

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Just to start - by no means is this a boasting post about the gifts I received. Seems silly that I have to include a note like this, but I don't want it to come across that way. Think of it as me speaking to a friend about what I was completely spoilt with for my birthday, and also thanking all of those lovely people a second time, for my beautiful gifts. Also, I just love having a little nose and find these posts really interesting to read, and they give inspiration for gifting others, especially as Christmas is now so close ;-)

This incredible Blood Sugar palette has its own feature on the blog >here< if you want to read my overall thoughts, but it had to have a second mention here. Thank you again Rachel, I am obsessed!

A massive thank you to you Mols, for my cosy Christmas pj's, the candle, Maltesers and wine (that I have already consumed and drank) and I'm super excited for our afternoon tea.

A stock up of one of my favourite candles, the Yankee Candle Crackling Woodfire in the large size, one that will I'm sure, be used the majority of the time. As well as a silver jewellery stand in the shape of a tree with little birds embellished into it, was kindly gifted to me. (Thank you Callum).

A little Paris Sephora treat to myself was this Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss in the shade 'Fussy'. I definitely think that this is Fenty's 'cult' shade, being one of the most popular. I have been loving this! Throwing on a bit of the Mac Whirl lipliner and just applying this over the lips has been a saviour this past week. My lips are getting so dry and this lasts for so long. I haven't needed to consistently grab the Vaseline, which is amazing.

How gorgeous is this bag?! I have been in desperate need of a new handbag for what feels like the longest time. I adored my old Ted Baker handbag, but it had seen better days. I just wore it to death really. But this bag is GORGEOUS! Smaller than my other one, I am having to find the perfect little card wallet or purse to go in it, but I am in love. Thanks Sam. A second thank you for the tasty Magnum chocolate (I know?! But can confirm it tastes just like the ice creams, minus the ice cream), the perfume, the Lego pug and the beautiful flowers.

Thank you thank you thank you! 
Amber X


  1. Such great gifts!
    I love my Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss because gives a subtle glow to the lips and is so comfortable and easy to wear!
    I love Narciso's frangrances also!


    1. Isn't it just - I have been obsessed with it ever since I purchased it!


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