That Birthday Post

Saturday, 2 November 2019

It's my birthday this week and I a genuinely don't know where the time went since the last one. There is nothing more true than adults telling you as a child, that when you get older, the years just fly by. Growing older is like a train - it starts off slow as it begins moving, and then gets faster and faster. It's scary how quickly time passes and moves on. Here's to being 23 and a list of all things I want to do this coming year.

1. Drink more water on the daily.
2. Save more - whether it be for a rainy day or something a bit more 'adult'.
3. Plan another trip away somewhere.
4. Have more 'me' time, whether it be a bath or actually finishing a book I have started reading.
5. Figure out what I want to do career wise, nothing is more of a stress to me.
6. Drive further, I need to go on the motorways at some point and improve my confidence.
7. Do more things out of my comfort zone, no matter how big or small.
8. Make healthier food choices.
9. Stress less.
10. Switch up my hair - I'm feeling cut it shorter.
11. Be more creative, or find a new hobby.
12. Write more to do lists.
13. Have a Summer BBQ like I have wanted to do for the past two years haha.
14. Visit more National Trust places.
15. Go for more walks.
16. Try even more different restaurants and types of food.
17. Be more productive in the evenings after work.
18. Switch up my bedroom.
19. Cook from scratch more.
20. Don't take things so personally. 
21. Continue writing content for this blog that I feel happy and proud of posting.
22. Read more.
23. Get into podcasts.

Amber X


  1. Happy birthday, hope you have a great day! I recently joined Slimming World which is making me eat healthier and cook from scratch, I love it. Such a weight lifted when you get you hair cut shorter, so much less fuss.

    1. Thank you lovely! Hope slimming world carries on going well for you!

  2. I hope you had a good birthday. these are great goals!

  3. Ah I love these! I definitely want to start cooking from scratch now too. I am so absolutely lazy when it comes to cooking! xx


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