Visiting Stourhead

Saturday, 8 June 2019

I am now officially a National Trust member. That's right, and the prospects of it genuinely makes me ecstatic. Last Thursday, Sam and I visited Stourhead after being strongly recommended to go and see the vast blooming flowers. I love a good walk, there truly is nothing better to do when the weather is as great as it has been of late.. It's such a British thing to make conversation about the weather, but honestly, it's been coming on with leaps and bounds.

Stourhead itself is huge. The walk around the whole of the lake and it's grounds is a 2 mile round trip. Little bridges, a grotto, different ornaments, look out towers and view points amongst many hidden treasures that Stourhead possesses. There is also the house to explore which is full of history and gorgeous artwork for years ago. The whole place is so picturesque and with the sun shining, the grounds genuinely didn't look real. It looked like a painting looking out over the lake. I don't think we picked a better day to go exploring. It was a fairy-tale.

 We took a picnic with us, and found such a lovely spot overlooking the lake. There were little ducklings that overtook a families picnic, and they were the fluffiest little things. The whole day was just a dream. Now that I have this National Trust membership I cannot wait to visit other pockets of the UK which are just as gorgeous as Stourhead was. It fills me with excitement at the thought of wandering around even more National Trust sites in the summer.

Where have you visited recently that you have fallen in love with?
Amber X


  1. Ohwow, the photos are great! Well, talking about weather is a British thing, but well, in fact, it's a really interesting topic haha ;)
    Lots of love!
    Mona Bednarska


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