Exploring Florence

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Firenze was the second stop of our trip travelling through Italy. We travelled into Florence on the train, from Venice. The journey wasn't a long one, or an unpleasant one. If anything, I found the trains to be much nicer, spacious and clean in comparison to the one's in the UK (sorry GWR).

We stayed in an Air BnB and it was beautiful! Such a lovely little space. Shortly after arriving, Sam and I trekked (and I mean trekked) up the hill, and uncountable number of steps to see the city from above, at Piazzale Michelangelo. The view was incredible, and the sun was setting over the city - it was such a gorgeous evening. Being just as busy, if not busier than Venice, Florence had a completely different feel to it. The architecture is amazing, and there isn't an angle of the city that isn't unique or exciting.

We ate some amazing food in Florence - there are some beautiful little restaurants, located away from the tourist attractions, which are very authentic Italian. You must try something with Truffle in Florence, or if you're feeling up to it, their local dish lampredotto.

Recommendations for those visiting.. 

Il Duomo - You can go up the dome that forms a small part of the cathedral (I would recommend getting tickets online, before your trip, so you can skip the main que's that seem to go on forever). The view from the top of the tower overlooks the whole of Florence, and you can see the city go on for miles. It's such a breath taking view, but do note, if you aren't one for confined spaces, winding staircases, and small gaps, I would pass on this one.

Boboli Gardens - I love a good stroll, especially through gardens, or around a stately home. Boblio gardens is just that. If you're under 25 and have a form of European ID on you, it only costs 2 euros to get in!! It would be silly not too.

Ponte Vecchio - The famous bridge containing shops and other bits and pieces is a must see when in Florence. It's beautiful!

Piazzale Michelangelo - It's just a beautiful spot. There is pretty much a 360 degree view of Florence, once you climb the many steps. It's hard work, but it's SO worth it. 

Have you been to Florence? Where would you recommend visiting?
Amber X


  1. Great post - I absolutely LOVED Florence when I went a few summers ago. I would definitely recommend eating lots of gelato, as it was created in this city :)
    Jenna ♥
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    1. It’s such a beautiful place! We definitely ate lots of gelato, it’s so good in Italy. That’s a good recommendation :-) xx

  2. Florence looks like such a beautiful place, I'll definitely be adding it to my bucket list!

    Emily xo

  3. Omg i hope to go here one daay! Looks beautiful!!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  4. Beautiful photos!! I want to visit Florence some day!! x


  5. Florence looks so beautiful! I hope you had a lovely time x


    1. It’s such a beautiful place, it was amazing thank you x

  6. Florence sounds like the perfect city for a weekend away ! Would love to visit ! xx


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