Subtle Christmas Touches in November

Saturday, 10 November 2018

If you're a lover of Christmas like I am, and quite simply cannot wait for December the 1st to bring out the decorations, I've got you.. As I am always looking forward to anything remotely Christmas-sy, I'm always trying to think of possible ways that I can decorate my surroundings before December, without going all out Christmas. Here are some ways which I have been subtly been adding Christmas touches before December hits. 

Christmas Bedding
There is no better way to spend an evening, than being wrapped up in Christmas themed bed sheets. I've had my eyes on >this< set for a while. I think I first saw it in late September, and had to tell myself that the beginning of October was far too early to be bringing Christmas out. But one night after work, I was browsing the M&S website to find that they had 20% off, so had to get it. The sheets are reversible, and have cute little trees, stags and other bits printed on in teal, which is my favourite colour. Asda also have some lovely Christmas bed linen, and it's super affordable too - a win win!

Yankee Candle has some great smelling Christmas themed candles. The ones I have come across recently have mostly been reduced, which is even more of a reason to pick some up, either as Christmas presents or for yourself, to get you feeling all kinds of festive. My favourite has definitely been 'Christmas Eve', however I was gifted the 'Crackling Firewood' for my birthday (thank-you Callum) and that one is just as cosy!

Fairy Lights
I'm one to have fairy lights up around the corners of my room all year, but they definitely do add such a festive touch to any room. Especially the warm coloured ones. Mirroring the twinkle that fairy lights give a Christmas tree, why not spread them all about your room. It just makes sense.

Christmas Pj's. Who wouldn't want a pair of Christmas pj's?! Asos have some great ones, like >this< pair, or >these<. I'm definitely going to make it a thing to get a new pair of Christmas pyjamas each time it comes round, just to feel a little bit more festive. Christmas Pj's would even be a nice gifting idea for someone who loves a cosy evening in. Next also have some great ones, I brought myself some jogger bottoms last year with stags on, and love them just as much as when I got them. They're so warm!

What do you do to get festive?
Amber X


  1. I'm putting my Christmas bedding on this weekend too, yay! Loved this post xx

    Kate |

    1. What’s yours like? Christmas bedding does make me feel so festive! xx

  2. I love how you have subtley Christmas-ifed your room to transition it into this time of year! Such a fab idea, looks so festive! So excited for Christmas already! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  3. I love this sheets! Pyjamas are my favorite in the cold weather. Often, I'll put PJ pants on as soon as I get home from work.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

    1. Thank-you Jennifer! I do exactly the same haha

  4. I absolutely love candles as they make me feel so cosy! That Christmas Eve one is a lovely scent and perfect for the festive season:)

    Emily xo

    1. They are so cosy aren’t they! I love the smell of the Christmas Eve one x

  5. the Christmas bedding is so cute. I'm subtly making my room christmassy right now, but I'm soo tempted to get my little tree out and start decorating already, haha!


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