Is Being Too Paticular a Bad Thing?

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Are any of you like me, in the sense that, whenever you go shopping, whether that be online or in town, you have a particular visual image of what it is that you want to purchase, but you cannot for the life of you find that highly specific item anywhere?! Why am I like that?! I think it's what makes me so fussy when it comes to buying new items and pieces, but I know exactly what it is that I want, from the fit, to the shade of colour. Due to having become so set on the image of something that clearly doesnt exist, I am never buying myself anything new.
For the longest time, I have wanted to change the earrings that I wear on a daily basis. As a kid I always wore different earrings every day. I have memories of wearing all kinds of hoops and dangly earrings. But when it has come to picking myself new earrings, none took my fancy (other than Maria Tash as her pieces are simply gorgeous). But I was looking for something that was more plain and less statement. This has honestly been such a mission. Until I came across Orelia on Instagram. I'm always trying to find little independent stores for jewellery on Instagram, and this one, is amazing! All of their products were photographed beautifully. There was so much choice, but alas, I found my dream pair of simple, plain, silver plated huggie hoops.

I placed my order pretty much as soon as I found this cute little pair, and paid for standard delivery as I was in no rush to receive them. However, they arrived the following day - result! And in the cutest, most photographable package, all so well wrapped and presented. The attention to detail was immaculate, and it makes the whole delivery so much more of a treat. I must add that they were fiddly to put in, they're 9mm, and trying to shut the clasp was a challenge, but once I managed, they have been comfortable to wear. This post is by no means sponsored - I was so impressed by the whole of the website and the delivery that I had to share it with you. Orelia London deserve all the recognition for their customer service.
I'm overall so happy to have finally found a pair of small hoops that I have had my mind set on for such a long time. Maybe having specific mental visions of items is a good thing, but only when you're actually able to find them. If any of you know any cute jewellery sellers, feel free to let me know, I still have some other piercings that I want new earrings for.

What are some of your favourite jewellery brands and pieces?
Amber X 


  1. I love the small hoops, they really suit you and I love the other earrings too!

    Anika |

  2. I love the small hoops, the look so cute! It's okay to be particular, you know what you're looking for and just waiting to find it.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


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