What I've Been Into Lately #2

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ever since finishing my last set of University exams at the very end of May/beginning of June, I have had so much more time to myself - time that would have otherwise been spent revising. That being said, I have discovered so many new things that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

I am by no means someone that can give advice on workouts or anything fitness related really. That's not what I am getting at by including this. But ever since March, I have really found a love for working out. Going for run's to break up my revision was so good for my mind set and giving myself some time away from my desk and notes. I treated myself to some Gymshark leggings and they're incredible. They're so form fitting, and flattering due to them sucking and pulling everything in. I'd 1000% recommend these to anyone who was in the market for some new gym leggings. Plus, having new work out clothes, is always an incentive to actually work out isn't it?! As well as my new leggings, I have been using a resistance band to warm up and warm down with, or if I'm not feeling going in with anything heavy, solely using the resistance band incorporating it in my work out. I have also paired the resistance band with weights to push myself that little bit more, and I definitely have been feeling it afterwards. I'm going to try my best to keep this little routine I have going, fitting it in whenever I can.

Veggie food
For some reason, the past couple of months I haven't been eating as much meat as I used too. For no real reason, other than that I just haven't fancied eating it. Not that it's a bad thing. As a result of this, I have been trying to find new foods that I can eat alongside a meal, that isn't meat. Those that I have tried and loved are the Quorn southern fried 'chicken' bites, the Quorn 'burgers', and the Linda McCartney sausages. With the warmer than usual weather we have been having, I'm not a fan of having anything too heavy, so these meat alternatives have been my go to for dinner with a salad.

What I have been watching
Love island - of course! Although I don't think it has been as good as the previous ones have been, I still can't help but sit down and watch through each episode, pretty much every night.. Another series that I have watched recently was Safe on Netflix. Being only 8 episodes long, I did smash my way through it. If you're looking for something new to watch, and like a bit of a crime drama, then this ne could be for you. I did enjoy it, but thought as more of the story unfolded and started to make more sense, it was let down. The plot seemed a bit 'meh', but the writers were so good at creating suspense and drawing out the story line. If you've watched Safe, I'd love to know your thoughts!

What I have been listening too
My love for the 1975 isn't something that has only recently arisen, but I am so excited for the release of their new album. Their new songs that have been released recently have been getting better and better with each release. I love their style - there is no other band like them. Get on it!

What have you been loving recently? 
Amber X


  1. Well done on completing your university exams! Love Island is my guilty pleasure also haha! Xx

    Eva x - https://evalilywestley.wordpress.com

    1. Thank-you lovely! I'm sure there are far more people watching it than they admit too! xx

  2. I actually can't end the day without an episode of Love Island to be quite frank, honestly gives me the drama I've been severely missing from my life. xx


    1. Haha, well at least there isn't any dram in your life and it's love island that is providing it for you!xx

  3. I haven't seen Safe before, but I hate things with storylines that are meh so now I don't think I'll watch it!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. That's fair enough - I do like something gripping!


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