Festive Makeup Look

Sunday, 24 December 2017

When I think of festive makeup, I think of glitter, winged liner and a red lip. It's just such a classic combination of products and colours that work so well together. During the colder months of the year, my skin tends to look flat, dry and lifeless. Therefore, I try to incorporate as many 'glowy' products as I can to give the illusion that my skin is really this radiant. These are the products that I use to distract away from the dry patches and redness the cold brings me. 

Bourjous Radiance Reveal concealer
This product has been a relatively new discovery for me in relation to the other products in this post. Back in the summer, I purchased this for the first time, and I believe this is the third concealer I have had now. It brightens my under eyes like no other concealer I have tried before. With buying concealer from the drugstore, I tend to find that the lightest shade amongst the range of shades that a brand brings out, is never light enough - but this one is perfect! It's long lasting and stays put all day. 

Laura Mercier Highlighter in Indiscretion
 It makes me sad to now look at the beautiful embossment that gets ruined every time I use it :'-( Is anyone else like this, or is it just me?! (It probably is haha). This highlighter isn't overly glittery, but adds the nicest shine to the tops of my cheekbones, mimicking the 'natural' radiance that I want my skin to have in the winter months. 

Nars Orgasm Blusher
Nars is one of those brands that I really want to try more of, but haven't got round too. I use this blusher the majority of the time. If I'm not using this one, I use the Bora Bora baked blush by Laura Geller. This pink toned blush with tiny gold reflects is gorgeous, and looks amazing on the cheeks. I have even used this blusher as an eyeshadow, and it looks equally just as amazing. Nothing can beat a Nars blusher. 

This post concludes my little series of the 12 days of AmberAtlanta. I hope that it has been just as enjoyable to read, as it has for me to come up with the content, photograph and write each and every post. Thank-you to everyone who has read even one post. I hope you have the best Christmas!

What products do you like to use to achieve a glowy look?
Amber X


  1. Happy Christmas!

    I love Nars Orgasm. I currently have it as part of the Guy Bourdin pallette but it's been a couple of years so I probably need to let go now haha.

    I also love Becca's Champagne Pop and theBalm's Mary Loumanizer. Both highlights are perfect for this time of year! Quite pigmented and so shimmery, but hey, it's Christmas. ;)

    1. Funny you should say that - I am a massive fan of the Becca Champagne Pop too! And I love it for the fact that it is so glittery! It would be perfect to wear tomorrow on the big day! Happy Christmas lovely, I hope you have the best day :-)

  2. When I am going for the glowy look I use a highlighter from MUA it was like £2.50 and it is amazing!!

    Giveaway on PoppyRKay // poppyrkay.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Here in Japan, although shimmer eyeshadow is very popular glowing cheeks and highlighter isn't as popular which is a shame!
    I always tend to use my champagne coloured shimmer eyeshadows from my Naked Palette as a highlight and it works as a great substitute if I want a more festive feeling.


    1. What a creative idea! I can definitely see how eyeshadow would make a good highlighter.

  4. I thought the Nars Orgasm Blush was Sleek Rose Gold at first, gorgeous look! I bet it turned out stunning. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Amber x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I've noticed that those two blushers are basically identical too! Such a good dupe there. Thank-you lovely, as I hope you did too Kiran x

  5. That Laura Mercier highlighter looks so beautiful!
    Grace xx

  6. Great picks! I still need to try the bourjous concealer! xx


  7. I've heard some great things about that Laura Mercier highlighter, it looks stunning!

    Emily xo


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