The Best of Beauty 2016

Sunday, 1 January 2017

So I was clearing out my make-up bag, a chore that I like to do often, and gathered some products that I have purchased through out the year of 2016, which I have loved and thought to share with you..

From the left, Becca Jaclyn Hill Skin Perfector, Nars Orgasm blusher and MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish.

First, the face.
The products I have used religiously (they're my go to's for sure) are these three. The Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector is the perfect shade of golden peach, that gives your cheek bones and other high points of your face a dazzling healthy glow that is always caught in the light. The formula is BEAUTIFUL (if you own it, you're sure to know), it's creamy and buttery texture, makes the product glide onto your skin effortlessly. This highlight is definitely intense, so if you're more into a blinding cheek highlight, this one is for you.
The Nars orgasm blusher is a cult product for many. I jumped on the band wagon, succumbing to the hype and was realllly impressed! The colour is more pink than I'd usually be drawn to in a blusher, but the reflects of gold made this product a favourite of mine! It adds another element of natural glow to the skin, and almost bronzes at the same time. I just cannot beat this blusher.
Lastly, for cheeks/face is the MAC mineralise skin finish in Soft & Gentle. An oldie but a goodie.. It's a very natural highlight (as natural as highlighting can go) and again is peachy and slightly golden in colour. I think you can tell my favourite colours to put onto my cheek area, hehe! This is an everyday highlight for me, once set with a fixing spray this product appears so natural looking! I cannot go without it.

The Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette pictured on top of the Morphe 305M palette.
Second, eyes.
In terms of palettes, the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette (ever so kindly gifted to me by my lovely uni flatmates) and the Morphe 305M palette have been my 100% favourites. All matte shades, I must add, but I find these the most versatile. All massively pigmented and blend-able, the Morphe palette being at the cheaper end of the spectrum. However, the Urban Decay palette has the BIGGEST mirror, which comes in handy for on-the-go, but the Morphe palette isn't the most travel friendly with it's size and no mirror. Nethertheless, I love them both.

From the left, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and right the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray.

Lastly, make-up must haves.
This Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge has changed the way I apply foundation. I first purchased one of these back in 2015, and have been going back to them ever since. Some people prefer apply foundation with a brush, but me this sponge is genius. No brush lines, an even complexion and an overall great finish are the reasons I love this little sponge! If you haven't tried one, I suggest that you do.
Finally, a setting spray. I do love the MAC Fix+ but this NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray is favoured alternative. It's drugstore, and feels great on the skin. At only £7, it's become a staple in my everyday make-up routine. I think there is space for a setting spray in everyone's routine, even if it's used to dampen a complexion sponge, or to add to a eye shadow brush before application, it's a must.

What have been your favourite beauty products of 2016?

Amber X

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